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Artistic Gymastics

A mixture of floor and apparatus including beam, vault and bars.

Classes are divided by the year of the gymnasts birth, but each class is worked so that children of similar skills and abilities are able to work and progress together. Boys and girls train together in these classes, though they get opportunities to use the gender specific apparatus as part of their training.

Classes run every week day.

Class Name Years of Birth Time
Foundation 2016 or 2017 430pm – 530pm
Development 1 2014 or 2015 530pm – 630pm
Development 2 2012 or 2013 630pm – 730pm
Development 3 2010 or 2011 630pm – 730pm
Development 4 Born before 2010 730pm – 900pm
Boy's Apparatus From age 5 to 14 Saturday900am to 1000am

Gymnastics is a competetive sport, so we try to arrange opportunities throughout the year for all gymnasts who wish to compete at internal and external events. Should a gymnast show talent, they may be invited to join our competition squads and take part in regional and national events.

Acro Gymastics

Competitive gymnastics where gymnasts work together and perform figures consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music.