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As I write this, we’ve been back in face-to-face provision for a month and what an exciting month it’s been. We’re pleased to welcome many new and returning members and it’s wonderful to hear the buzz in the gym after all these months of echoing silence.

Here’s our news…

Yoga classes!

We’ll be starting Yoga classes for 18+ yrs on the 19th May. These will run from 9.30-10.30 at the gym and will cost £28 per calendar month. Yoga is a super tool for reducing stress and getting fit in a gentle way so please do tell all your friends about it.

Please sign up here if you’d like to join:


In the future, we are also hoping to start an adult gymnastics class. Watch this space…

Emotional health

We are seeing evidence that lockdown has had a negative on many gymnasts’ mental and emotional wellbeing. Following advice from the Regional Safeguarding Officer, we’re providing a simple survey, adapted from BG to see how best we can respond to gymnasts’ worries about the present circumstances. It is available (hopefully attached to the email) for you and your child to discuss and complete so that they can express any fears they have about COVID and their return to gym and more importantly how we can help.

If you feel it will be helpful, please do complete it and return it to me. We will treat it respectfully and confidentially.

Fundraising committee

Lockdown has been financially tough and we’re going to be paying off the costs of it for many years. We’re thinking creatively about how we can maximise the revenue from our space during the day, but we do also need a funding drive. We already have some wonderful parents who have raised money pre-lockdown or are raising money with leotard sales and a raffle (you can view the leotards and the prizes and buy tickets for the raffle in the waiting area).

Can you help us by joining our fundraising committee?

We need all sorts of help, from small jobs like dropping letters off at shops, doing admin, to organising fundraising events, writing risk assessments for fundraising events and helping with funding applications.

If you’d like to be part of this or have any creative ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

Coaching courses for 16yrs+ gymnasts

British Gymnastics is preparing to start coaching courses again and parts of these will be done online so they may be cheaper. It’s a real opportunity for our gymnasts to gain a qualification in their favourite sport. We’ve spoken to the lead coaches in each discipline, and they are prepared to mentor any of our gymnasts who’d like to train up. It’s possible we’ll be able to offer a small bursary to cover some of the course costs, but this will be dependent on funds available and how many people apply. If you’d like to apply for a bursary from the club then please write/email the Directors on directors@barnsleygymnastics.club identifying the course you want to do and stating why you want to do it, why/how the bursary help and whether you’d be able to do any volunteering for the club after you qualify.

Parents back in the waiting room!

With restrictions easing, we’ll be able to welcome parents back into our waiting room but sadly it will have to be tightly regulated (we can only fit 18 people in at any one time) and it might be that you can’t watch your child every week. We are operating a booking system via this link:


Please use the hand sanitiser when you enter. Masks will be mandatory (medical exemptions apply). There will be a one-way system in place. Please follow staff instructions. Slots are 45 minutes. Please wait for staff to let you in and please leave at five to the end of your slot to allow for us to organise the next class/ group. Please wipe down your table and chair with the wipes provided. This is going to be a challenge for us all so please bear with us as we get used to it.

Can you help?

Someone has very kindly donated a kitchen to the club. Can you help install it either for free or with mates’ rates? Could you give us a quote?

Can you help us with our website?

If so, please let me know.

Stay safe and well!