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  • Mon - Fri: 4:00PM - 9:00PM Sat : 9:00AM - 14:30PM

As a member of Barnsley Gymnastics Club, I agree to the following: Before a session I will:

  • Go to the toilet before my session starts
  • Follow the club dress code:
    • Recreational Girls – Leotard (plus shorts optional) OR t-shirt and shorts/leggings
    • Recreational Boys – Leotard and longs/shorts OR t-shirt and shorts
    • Squad gymnasts – Leotards
    • Long hair must be tied back, and no hair should cover the eyes when head is tipped forward. NO jewellery
  • Register at Reception when I arrive
  • Leave my drink bottle on the table
  • Leave my belongings with my parent/ carer or put them in a locker. I will not leave my belongings on the floor where it could be tripped over or accidentally moved.
  • Not to touch another gymnast’s belongings.
  • Tell my coach straight away if I notice a problem in the waiting area before, during or at the end of a session.
    During a session I will:
    • Tell my coach if I have an injury or feel unwell
    • Not swear
    • Listen to my coach and not interrupt them when they are talking or when they are supporting another gymnast
    • Wait my turn, not push into a line or practice moves whilst lining up
    • WALK around the gym carefully
    • Not eat or chew gum in the gym
    • Tell my coach straight away if there is a problem in the gym
    • Be a good team mate to my fellow gymnasts, no name calling or ignoring others
    • Understand that my coach will sometimes need to support me by holding me, lifting me or moving my body position
    At the end of a session I will:
    • Stay with my coach until my parent/carer arrives
    • Take all of my belongings with me, including my drink bottle