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As the parent/carer of a gymnast at Barnsley Gymnastics Club Ltd, I agree to the following:

I will:

  • Ensure that my child understands the gymnasts code of conduct and adheres to it
  • Bring my child into the building no later than 5 minutes before their session starts, make sure that they sign in at the Reception desk and remain in the reception area until they have entered the gym.
  • Ensure that my child is dressed appropriately (see Gymnasts Code of Conduct) and keep their belongings in the lockers.
  • Encourage my child to go the toilet before their session
  • Not smoke or use foul/ disrespectful language within the club or its grounds
  • Inform the club via text/email if my child is unable to attend for more than 3 sessions in a row.
    Please DO NOT use social media to contact the club
  • Inform the club of any injury, medical condition, special educational need or change in personal circumstance that may affect my child’s attendance, ability to train or that may require their training to be adapted.
  • Discuss any concerns regarding the club or my child’s training by contacting Vasilike Scurfield, General Manager on info@barnsleygymnastics.club to arrange a parent/coach meeting.
    If an issue cannot be resolved or is not related to a child’s training, it may be passed to our welfare team
  • Please DO NOT use social media to voice concerns
  • Give one months’ notice if my child intends to leave the club
  • Support my child’s involvement and help them to enjoy their sport by:
    • Not forcing them to take part
    • Not punishing/belittling my child for poor performance/ making mistakes
    • Focusing on good effort/ performance, not just results
    • Demonstrating good sportsmanship, applauding the good performance and efforts of all gymnasts
    • Not publicly challenging the decisions made my coaches or by officials at competitions
    • No standing/sitting in walkways or near fire doors
    • Please respect the waiting area, if you notice anything wrong please report this to the reception staff
    • Do not distract gymnasts/ coaches during training
    • No photography or video is to be taken