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Exciting News

We have exciting news!

Holiday Camps

We’ll be running a holiday camp through the summer holidays and over the autumn half-term. It will run from 9.30-13.30 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and will cost £17.50 per day, inclusive of lunch. We’ll offer a sibling discount of 20% and children on free school dinners don’t pay anything. Please do spread the word as our holiday camp isn’t only for existing members of our club. Everyone is welcome. Our programme of activities will include lots of physical activity/ gymnastics/dance/games, followed by lunch and then enrichment activities around crafts, tabletop games, etc.

The holiday camp is for children between the ages of 5-16 and will be split into age-appropriate groups in the sessions. To sign up go to our website www.barnsleygymnastics.club/holidayclub.html. Existing gymnasts can also go to ‘courses’ in the LoveGymnastics app.

A note of caution: please deselect pre-authorise on your payments tab in your app or on the LoveAdmin website before you sign up if you don’t want the money for the holiday camp to be withdrawn immediately.

Alternatively please drop in and speak to me and I’ll add you manually. :) Payment will need to be made at least a week prior to the day(s) you sign up for.

Return to coach contact

Our next piece of exciting news is that we are going to return to close coach contact over the next weeks.

As you may know, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic our coaches haven’t been able to manually support or assist the gymnasts and so despite their coaching creativity, progress for gymnasts has been slower.

Coach manual support helps reduce fear when they’re trying new, potentially dangerous moves and gives the gymnasts greater confidence as well as keeping them safe from injury.

Obviously, this return will put staff, gymnasts and the club at greater risk so we will be taking it very, very, slowly.

There’s lots for us to do and I’m afraid lots of documentation for you to read too. You’ll need to opt-in for your child to be able to be supported by the coach but please don’t worry if you feel that you don’t want your child to start close coach contact. It’s going to be quite a while before most classes can benefit. Whether you opt-in or not, all gymnasts will still continue to train, keep fit, enjoy their sessions and learn new skills as they have been doing so far.

Here is the action plan for this return and info for parents/carers provided by our governing body. As you’ll see we will need to work together, to maintain robust COVID prevention measures. Please read the documents carefully and note exactly what your responsibilities will be.

Initially, coach contact is only for planned activities where we believe the benefit of practising a new element and safety concerns around learning it without support, will outweigh the risks around COVID. We will only return with a very small number of classes (only one or two) to minimise disruption if we do have a case of COVID, and until we can assess how it goes. Please have patience if your child’s class doesn’t go back to coach contact for a while. The choices we make around which class to select will be based on which children need the additional support the most whilst keeping in mind BG’s guidance. When we extend the programme, it will be done on a class-by-class basis and will depend on what each class is working on.

Because of the increased risk, we are asking everyone to be diligent in their use of masks, sanitiser in the club and also to use the track and trace QR code consistently. Please remind your child to socially distance in the club while queuing for their class. Our safety measures may also include a temperature gun for those children participating in CCC.

We will email you with more information once we plan to resume coach contact with your child’s class. Once you get that email, you’ll need to read through all the attached literature and when you log into your Loveadmin account you’ll have a choice to opt-in or not.

Only when we know you have opted in will your child resume close coach contact.

Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

All the best,